Lac Dumoine, Temiscamingue, Quebec - 9.09 - 9.15.2007

This was a return trip for avid fish rippers Mike C., Joe P, Johnny S. and Bobby… and a first time trip with the group for Chris B.

Like this website, Lac Dumoine is home to the infamous 'Blue Walleye'… Though, as our gracious host (Eric Villancourt of Kipawa Outfitters) dutifully pointed out, the 'blue wallleye' is a misnomer… The true 'blue walleye' or 'blue pickerel' is extinct after it was overfished in Lake Erie and surrounding waters through the 1960's.

Are there bluish-hued walleyes in Lac Dumoine?

Unquestionably - we caught a number of them and they lacked the typical yellow tint seen in a typical walleye. Instead, they had a silverish/white hue with a blue-tinted slime coat. They ARE, however, still yellow walleyes, as they all showed the signature tail and anal fin white stripe that all yellow walleyes exhibit. These blue-ish fish are simply color variants of the same species. In fact, Dumoine holds a third color variant as well - a silver-ish fish that looks like the blue (just without the blue tinted slime coat.)

Odd thing… I had read an article prior to the trip about these blue color variants in certain lakes in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Ontario and the article stated that these rarer color variants were most likely due to different diets and/or water conditions in water bodies where the fish are found.

Well, scrap that theory… we caught blues and yellows together in the same lake… in the same spots… feeding on the same schools of bait fish. The same could be true within this variant yellow and blue-yellow walleye fishery in Dumoine.

Moreover, this must be some kind of genetic color selection within this specific fish population… Like how two Yellow Labrador retrievers can mate and the bitch litters both yellow and black lab pups… The black gene is in their breeding pool even tho the mother and father are not black… and can appear randomly in offspring.

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