Spring 2009 Fish Trip - Kapitachuan Club, Senneterre Area, Quebec
5.17 - 5.22.2009

OK - so the 2009 trip is complete. We fished exclusive lease outfitter, Kapitachuan Club, 134 km east of Senneterre, QC near Reservoir Gouin.

Kapitachuan boasts a large territory at 360 square kilometers of exclusive fishing rights with a base territory in the south encompassing walleye and pike fishing in the Megascaine, Pascagama and Kekek river drainages and a northern outpost territory on Lac Mesplet for lake trout, pike and walleye.

Fishing and weather-wise, this was a poor trip, unfortunately. This was part of opening week in this territory of Quebec. Usually, the walleye are in the narrows and and rapids spawning and fishing is typically excellent. The problem this year was the walleye spawned early and were in transition… The larger females were already out of the narrow spawning areas and mostly only smaller males remained. This post-spawn is also accompanied by about 10 days of 'light-bite' where the fish aren't feeding heavily and difficult to catch. Our trip fell right in the middle of this downtime. Bobby, a Kapitachuan guide, confirmed as much stating fishing was very bad for him too… after getting over 100 fish in one day on opening day the week prior, before the light-bite post-spawn transition started… So fishing for eyes was tough this year.

The service at the outfitter, however, was top-notch. Kudos to camp manager, Marc, and his staff. The European plan cabins have 24/7 electricity and lighting, linens provided and they clean your boats and top-off your gas daily… They even ice-up your coolers daily and clean the cabins while you are out and stoke a fire in the stove for you before you return! Best service and facilities we have seen. The only minor issue we saw were the boat motors. They were commercial grade but on their 4th year of service and a bit tempermental… They were 25HP, however, and proved helpful in traversing the vast territory and running through some rapids (most outfitters we've fished with elsewhere offer 10HP motors only…)

We combined this trip with Doug Bartow's group of 12. Doug has been doing this trip to Kapitachuan opening week for almost 25 years. The pluses were his food plan… great food! The two shore lunches we had were tasty! We've never eaten better. We also got some good guiding from Doug and his partner Rick, in what would otherwise be very intimidating and rocky waters and the GPS proved invaluable (very easy to get lost in this territory.)

Weather was rough… It snowed and ranged from low 20's to mid-'30s for 3 of our 4 fishing days… making the fishing the coldest we've ever seen. We even had thunder snow - another first! Many from the older group said it was the worst weather they've ever seen… Probably, but we'll likely never go this early again to avoid any repeat performance of 'Winter in May'.

Lastly… We had some winners! Johnny won the largest pike of the week award for a 41" shovelface he caught trolling in the middle of snow storm on the way back from Lac Mesplet… Caught and released, of course… Pics below… and Big Red won the horse's ass award for downing a case of beer in the boat at Mesplet and passing out in the bunkhouse by mid-afternoon for an 18-hour siesta!

Some Photos:

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