2009 Kapitachuan Planning

Spring 2009 Fish Trip - Kapitachuan Club, Senneterre Area, Quebec

5.17 - 5.22.2009

OK - So next up for 2009 is Kapitachuan Club located in remote wilderness 131km east of Senneterre, Quebec. Kapitachuan offers both river and lake fishing and is part of the greater Megiscaine River drainage and sits just inland of western edge of the massive Reservoir Gouin.

Kapitachuan offers over 360 square kilometers of exclusively-leased fishing territory, including a main southern territory on the Kekek and Pascagama Rivers and a Northern territory on Lac Mesplet with outpost camp.

What are we looking at for costs?

Outfitter Items Costs (Price in Canadian)
Euro Plan is $60/day X 5 days $300
Boat w/ 25HP motor is $60/day divided by 2 X 5 days $150
Gas - estimated for Week Per Person $70
Tax - estimated 12.5% $65
Outfitter Total $585*

*Remember - $150 deposit already paid and can be deducted from total.

Additional Items Costs (Price in Canadian)
Food Plan per Person Week $75
Beer Estimated per Person Week $120
Fishing License $38
Additionals Total $233

Trip Total: $818

Getting There:


Checkout the Kapitachuan Exclusive Territory

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