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Hopefully 11 years has let your anger and disappoint subside?


How are you guys? by BIGREDMFBIGREDMF, 08 Mar 2019 15:25

Pourvoirie Moko

This outfitter is located on Lac Byrd within the Verendrye Parc approximately 40 km West of Le Domaine.

More info. to come…

Area Map of Lac Byrd Location:

Click On Map To Enlarge


Detail Map of Lac Byrd:

Click On Map To Enlarge

Pourvoirie Moko by bartidgebartidge, 27 Jul 2011 17:01

Camp Coucoushee is an outfitter on Lac Kikwissi - a 10-mile long lake located just Northeast of the Northeastern edge of Lac Kipawa.

Camp Coucoushee Main Camp
Proprietor - Serge Gaudet
900 Old Fort Rd
Duhamel-Ouest, QC J9V 1N7
(819) 622-0391

The camp is run by Serge Gaudet, a second generation operator - his father started the outfitting operation on Lac Kikwissi in the 1950's.

Camp Coucoushee is the only outfitter on Lac Kikwissi and boasts a small footprint. The lake falls within the ZEC Kipawa controlled zone.

Getting There - We know the route… probably about an hour less than Dumoine drive:

View Larger Map

The main camp is located at the northern end of the lake and is fully accessible via drive in from the Maniwaki Road. The main camp holds 3 cabins and there are three outpost cabins down the lake as well.

Chris and Johnny have both spoken with the outfitter, Serge. Chris also spoke with a repeat customer that has been to the camp numerous times. The repeat customer said the walleye fishing is very good and the lake typically sees less traffic than other lakes in the area due to the relatively small size of the outfitting operation and the fact they are the only outfitter on the lake (he compared the activity to other lakes he fished in the area - notably Sasseginaga, Ogascanan and and Kipawa…) He said it is definitely a place to go if you are looking for more solitude on the lake and less boats to compete with.

The outfitter, Serge, was a nice fellow to chat with. Between Chris and Johnny's discussions with Serge, here's an overview:

Camp Use & Promotion:

  • Serge said that he doesn't do sport shows or promote his camp much - most all of his business is from repeat customers or from word-of-mouth from repeat customers. He doesn't have a brochure or photos other than what you see above.


  • He said that his main camp cabins (especially in spring and fall) are usually holding hunters (bear in Spring/Moose in Fall) and that his fisherman visitors mainly use the 3 outpost camps. He also has an outpost camp on nearby 'Big Swampy Lake'. It is only accessible via floatplane or ATV. We did not talk to him in detail about this, but would assume it is some sort of trophy fishery.
  • Outpost cabins have running water in kitchen
  • Outpost cabins have propane lighting and stove/oven
  • Outpost cabins have propane grill, wood Stove and 2 propane fridges
  • 2 of the three outpost cabins have hot showers
  • Outpost cabins are about 50' long - of the cabins with showers - one sleeps 8; one sleeps 10 (both hold 8 people comfortably)
  • The head at all outpost cabins is an outhouse
  • Electricity available - outpost cabins have hook-up if we want to bring a generator or rent one.
  • NO barge to bring stuff to outpost camps - we'd have to boat it ourselves.
  • Cabins are 7 -10 miles from main camp. Johnny suggests we get as close to the middle as possible.

Boats / Motors:

  • Fiber glass boats - same type we have seen several times before. He has 15' and 16' fiberglass flatbottom boats with 15HP Yahmaha motors.
  • Mounting Boat Seats? The boats do have the block platforms next to the motor that connect to the transom (so installing portable seats in back will not work.) If we want to go here, we may want to bring a stow-away seat for each back block platform like Mikey's old blue for each boat - as shown HERE.
  • Yamaha 15HP motors are 2-3 years old but Serge says they are "well maintained".

Lake & Fishing Details:

  • Lake is approx. 10 miles long.
  • Very rocky lake.
  • Lake is a reservoir with dam on one end that is being rebuilt this year and should hold the water level more consistent.
  • In 2008, the largest pike caught on Lac Kikwissi was 22 lbs. and the largest walleye was a whopping 16-pounder!
  • Best fishing is in the southern end of lake around islands and points near smaller bays per fisherman Chris spoke to who has been there. Serge also said that fishing for walleye is good from Spring through the Fall and that the south end of the lake is particularly productive in mid-Summer through Fall.
  • Note: Bathymetric depth countour map is available for this lake.
  • The south end has a bevy of points, islands, narrows and underwater shoals that hold walleye in numbers. See maps below.

Lake Traffic:

  • Serge said that the maximum number of boats we might see on the lake at one time is usually about 12 (including our own). He says that up to 16 boats can be seen, but usually not during the hunting seasons or in the Fall.

2010 Costs:

* 5 night package is $565 Canadian and includes boat, motor and ZEC fee


* Tax
* Fishing Licences @ $41.50 Canadian
* Gas: Kept at each cabin and charged based usage/honor system


* $150 Canadian

One other thing to note… Lake Trout season ends on Sept. 19. He said the Lake Trout typically spawn between late August and through September… Lake trout spawn in 30-40' feet of water on shoals and are aggressive feeders during this time and will hit all sorts of lures, so if we want to fish for lakers w/o the need for downriggers, the first week above might be optimal…


(Click on images to enlarge)

Drive Map & Location from Temiscaming:
Medium Size Map of Lake and Surrounding Area:
Large Detailed Map of Lake:
Outfitter Information by bartidgebartidge, 20 Jun 2009 16:45

This site boasts a large number of Quebec lake maps for sale - and most are bathymetric (showing underwater contours and depths…)

Bathymetric Maps by bartidgebartidge, 07 Jul 2008 15:32

Location: The outfitter has two good size lakes under exclusive rights off the Penetration road out of Senneterre (one 5-1/2 miles long Lac Choiseul; another 7-1/2 miles long Lac Capitachouane) He has one cabin on each lake and guarantees your group the only group on the lake during your stay… (see detailed topo maps at bottom below)

You can see the exclusive territory and proximity to Senneterre by checking out the Senneterre Outfitters Map.

Proprietor, Jean Sigouin, says both lakes are excellent fishing for walleye and pike. He has a catch-and-release rule on Pike over a certain size to protect the trophy fishery and only one trophy pike may be kept per group (if wanted.)

Lac Choiseul cabin holds 6 people. This cabin has running water, flush toilets and shower, propane refrigerator and generator electricity in the evenings for a few hours / propane lighting after 9pm. Jean's cabin/main lodge is nearby.

Lac Capitachouane The cabin(s) on Lac Capitachouane have hand pump water and an outhouse. He mentioned this camp has a main cabin and a dorm cabin - can sleep up to 10 I believe… I think the set-up is very much like the outpost cabin at Lac Mesplet/Kapitachuan. A main kitchen cabin with hand-pump water, stove, propane fridge, etc. and a dorm bunkhouse cabin for sleeping. He says this lake is very rocky and has some unmarked rockpiles and because of that, he does not like to rent motors on the lake. Sounds a bit treacherous and/or a lake that you'd want someone who knows the water.

He doesn't have a website and evidently doesn't need one… He's already booked solid through July next year, as he has a good chunk of repeat business annually (and obviously limited capacity)…

He did say that late summer is also good fishing (like we did at Dumoine.)

These camps are run by Frank and Jean Segouin (former owners of Kapitachuan Club to the North.) My old man says that Choiseul used to be the trophy pike/guide only lake as part of Kapitachuan Club. They called it the "South Camp Trophy Lake." He said they fished it and the big pike fishing is superb - and some real lunkers lurk in the waters… He was surprised to hear that the lake was still open for outfitter fishing (he thought Frank retired there after he sold the Kapitachuan Club proper.) My old man only fished Lac Choiseul.



Price List & Info. in US funds:

  • Cottage: $65 / day per person
  • Boats: $20 / Day (fiberglass 14.5' long)
  • Motors: $35 / Day (Johnson 9.9 HP - new within last two years)
  • Petrol: $1.50 / liter

We are responsible for our fishing licenses. Any ice we need, we must bring. The cabin is equipped with one propane refrigerator but you can store some frozen items for us in a large freezer in your main cabin/lodge.


Area Map:

Click On Map To Enlarge



Detailed Map of Lac Choiseul: (Note: my old man says the cabin is located on the western point at mid-lake and excellent pike fishing in spring was just north of point in bay to the northwest next to camp)

Click On Map To Enlarge



Detailed Map of Lac Capitachouane:

Click On Map To Enlarge



Detailed Map of Lac Peronne & Lac Moore (below Lac Capitachouane through narrows - note: outfitter indicates this water is not accessible from Lac Capitachouane):

Click On Map To Enlarge



HERE is an interactive Satellite Photo Map of Lac Capitachouane (click on 'satellite' in upper right corner after page loads.)

HERE is an interesting map in French of the area - by Verendrye Park rangers I think who canoed the area and the Capitachouane river below…

Map Location & Information by bartidgebartidge, 27 Jun 2008 13:38

Filterman placed the following beverage order with Eric on 5/12/08:

Beer Picked Up By Eric and Delivered to Our Camp Prior to Arrival:

  • 2 cases - Rickard's Red
  • 2 cases - Molson Export
  • 2 cases - Moosehead
  • 2 cases - Labbatt Blue

Other Drinks Sbumitted to Eric for Pick-up:

  • 24-pack 500ml Bottled Water
  • (2) 2.5 Gallon Jugs of Water
  • (3) Cases Soda - (1) Coke, (1) Diet Coke, (1) Ginger Ale

Here's a list of additionals we'll get on our way… (not necessarily a complete list):

Road Beers:

  • 1 -1.5 cases each

Total Beer Count with Roadies:

  • 12 cases = 12 beers/day pp for the 6 days

Booze (Duty Free Stop):

  • Maker's Mark Premium Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey
  • Few booze bottles of something drinkable from duty free ; oh and the Maker's Mark

2008 Fish Trip Shopping List:

Below is our in-progress shopping list for the 2008 Trip.

Reminder, as always, each attendee is responsible for buying and cooking/preparing a dinner meal for everyone on the trip… We each take a night… You are responsible for buying the meal items you plan to cook. Please add them to the list below.

I've added below, the last iteration of the 2007 shopping list… Feel free to add to it, delete items as you see fit, add your name as a buyer, etc…

Using This Forum:
To edit this post and the list, simply click the blue 'Options' link in the lower right then click 'Edit'… The edit screen will open and you can type your changes…

Adding or Changing Items On The List:
Adding items in table format (as they display below) is easy…. You simply add two vertical lines || between text… Those lines create the table lines when saved… (the vertical line| key is just above the shift-backward \ slash key above ENTER on your keyboard.)



Save Changes: Make sure you click 'SAVE CHANGES' at bottom to make your changes… (you can also click 'PREVIEW' to see how your changes will look before you save and make the changes live…)

If you want to add a comment as a new post, simply click 'new post' at the bottom… then type your post and save….

Item/Provision Buyer
Buggerin' Lube JBS
Box of Mousetraps - Spring Loaded
Box of Mousetraps - Sticky Traps
Heavy Duty Foil 75' (2) Rolls JBS
Regular Foil 200' (1) Roll JBS
Plastic Wrap (1) Roll JBS
1-Gallon Ziplock Bags (80 Bags) JBS
Ziplock Sandwich Bags (100 Bags) JBS
Paper Plates (100 Plates) JBS
16 Oz. Cups (50 Cups) JBS
Garbage Bags
Paper Towels
Toilet Paper (6 Roll)
Peanut Butter
Pretzels CB
Crackers CB
Potato Chips CB
Gouda Cheese
Aged Cheddar Cheese
Beef Stick
Frying Oil (1 Gallon)
Salt CB
Pepper CB
Ketchup CB
Mustard CB
Mayo CB
Dill Relish CB
Frank's RedHot CB
Coffee CB
Egg beaters
12 Pack Gatorade
6 Pack Cranberry Juice
Dish Soap CB
Sponges CB
Smoked Salmon
Black Olives
Fish Breading CB
Kabobs JBS
Texas Toast
Frozen Veg
Mashed Potatoes
Cereal CB
No Stick Pam CB
Choco Chip Cookies CB
12 Pack Coke
Liter Cranberry Cocktail
1 Case Bottled Water
1 Jar Pickled Veggies
Cold Cuts & Cheese
Salt Potatoes
(1) Pack Hoffman Snappy Griller Hot Dogs
(1) Pack Hoffman Beef Hot Dogs
(1) Pack Butcher Ground Round Burgers (8 patties) CB
(1) 12-Pack Hot Dog Rolls
(1) 8-Pack Burger Buns
(2) Lbs. Potato Salad
(2) Packages - Cole Slaw Fixins
(1) Large Bag Frozen French Fries
(1) Large Bag Whole Frozen Onion Rings CB
(1) Package American Cheese (16 slices)
(2) Large Red Onions
Portobello Mushys
Bloody Fixins Catshit
Tums Catshit
Case of Cran-Rasberry
Case of Lemonade
Case of Water
Shrimp for Barbie Catshit
Bacon for Scallops Catshit
Scallops Catshit
Speras Flank Steaks Catshit
Brocollini Catshit
Speras Twice Baked Catshit
Angus Sirloin Tip Steaks (5) CB
Chicken Pad Thai Sidedish CB
Shopping List - 2008 by bartidgebartidge, 30 Apr 2008 16:15

Pourvoirie Wetetnagami

(click outfitter name above to visit outfitter website)


  • Region: Abitibi-Temiscamingue
  • Location: Northheast of Senennterre - accessible via gravel road East of Lebel-Sur-Quevillion
  • Lake is 13.6 miles long with some narrow river areas (see Outfitters' Location Map for location within Quebec)


  • Good Cabins, solar lights and electricity, flush toilets, hot shower
  • Gravel road in is in good shape
  • Only 5 cabins on the lake : 20 –30 people tops
  • Lake was not heavily fish for many years


  • Long Drive: need to go to Lebel-Sur-Quevillion north of Senennterre
  • Boat to cabin required
  • Territory non-exclusive
  • Last trip here was not good fishing
2008 Expense Days Subtotal Total
Lodging 7 $570.00
License $37.00 $37.00
Food (Euro plan estimated) $75.00 $75.00
Boat Gas (estimated) $35.00 $35.00
Beer (estimated) $100.00 $100.00
Tax 12.5% $71.25
Total 5 $888.25
Pros & Cons by bartidgebartidge, 06 Feb 2008 19:11

Pourvoirie Camachigama


  • Region: Abitibi-Temiscamingue
  • Location: Southeast of Sennenterre / Northeast of Cabonga Res., accessible via gravel road 1/2 way through Verendrye Park (see Outfitters' Location Map for location within Quebec)


  • 83.4 sq. miles exclusive leased territory (territory map)
  • 55 of the 235 miles from Ottawa is gravel
  • Several drive-to lakes
  • Several Trophy Lakes (guided-access only) - Lac Indian (trophy walleye lake) and Lacs Sec and Valentine (trophy pike lakes)
  • 2 outpost camps - 1 drive to 1 boat to - one has a generator the other has no electricity. Other outpost camps on surrounding lakes. Outfitter prefers that clients only overnite in outpost camps (not spend entire week there.)
  • Lake is ~8 miles long , pretty wide - probably 3 miles
  • 2 connecting lakes that can be accessed and 5 miles of river ( there are other lakes that if the water is high enough you can get to)
  • $89/Day Canadian Cabin/16' boat/15 hp motor - Gas extra , Taxes ~12.5% ($85 with 14’/9.9 HP)
  • This is present owners 2nd season , first guy didn't advertise much and didn't have a lot of customers - Which is good limited pressure for a few years.
  • Flush toilets, Hot showers and Electricity on island camps
  • Dinning room - If you want B-fast stop in pay your cash and your set
  • Boat AND motor included in lodging price
  • New water to US


  • If fully booked, there will be about 45 people on the lake(s) in May/June
  • 235 miles from Ottawa
  • Big water can be brutal on windy/choppy days - even with 16' ft boats/15 HP motors
  • Beached boats (no large slip dock)
  • No screened porches on cabins
2008 Expense Days Subtotal Total
Lodging 5 $89.00/Day $445.00
License $37.00 $37.00
Food (Euro plan estimated) $75.00 $75.00
Boat Gas (estimated) $35.00 $35.00
Beer (estimated) $100.00 $100.00
Tax 12.5% $55.63
Total 5 $747.63
Pros & Cons by bartidgebartidge, 06 Feb 2008 18:49

Domaine Shannon


  • Region: Outaouais
  • Location: Northhwest of Baskatong and east of Cabonga - accessible via Clova road East out of Verendrye Park
  • Two primary lakes - Lac Seguin and Lac Lenotre (see Outfitters' Location Map for location within Quebec)


  • Exclusive, sizeable territory - 2 big water lakes - Lac Seguin (main lodge lake) and Lac Lenotre - 5 minute portage between each. Also, considerable smaller lakes in their northern territory that are easily driveable to…
  • Trophy catch and release pike lake in territory - $150 per day per group (guide required)
  • Not too far up north
  • Outpost camps available on both big lakes and some up north on smaller lakes. ALL outpost camps have running water (hot and cold and indoor bathrooms), propane stoves, fridges and lighting. Proprietor Sylvain Danis recommended a new camp they just built on the north end of Lac Seguin - (2) bedrooms, sleeps 6, 3 beds per bedroom.
  • Only 40km down Clova road
  • 3-day Minimum stay (no day-trippers allowed)
  • Catch Sizes: Walleye can be kept in the 12-22" range (over 22" must be released) / pike over 24" must be released.


  • Clova road
  • A Lot of Boats?? 16 cabins at main lodge and 4 more outposts on the main 2 lakes… 80-90 people possible on lakes at a given time (shotgun starts in the morning…)

* Costs:
* Cabin: 7 nights / 8 days (boat included- motor extra) $425 (or $80/day minimum 3-days stay)
* 9.9HP motor for week (gas extra) $210 (or $35 a day for less days)

2008 Expense Days Subtotal Total
Lodging 7 $425.00 (or $80/day 3 day min. stay)
Motor 9.9 HP 7 $210.00 (or $35/day)
License $37.00 $37.00
Food (Euro plan estimated) $75.00 $75.00
Boat Gas (estimated) $35.00 $35.00
Beer (estimated) $100.00 $100.00
Tax 12.5% $79.38
Total 7 $961.38

Map Information: Following is a small map of the Domaine Shannon exclusive territory.


Large Map: Below is a larger map that shows lodge and camp locations. Click On this map and it will load a high-detail PDF you can zoom in on (note: this is not the outfitter's map and the territory gets cut off a bit on the right.)

The camp the outfitter recommended for us is a newly built outpost cabin as noted on the upper northwest shore of Lac Seguin.

Domaine Shannon Info & Map by bartidgebartidge, 30 Jan 2008 06:07

Nice F…in job here Tidge master general! You Obviously spent alot of time putting
this data together!
Here are my choices in order of preference:

1) Club Brule' cuz it looks Coole'
2) Lac Shannon
3) Lac Ritcher
4)Lac Camaghigama (Looks kinda fat…….I like my lakes long and thin…..amongst other things….
Right Johnnie!!!
5) Achepabanca looks nice and cozy but not sure about bugger'n trees
6) Lac Monet would be a place we should plan for a fly in…….No doubt we'd hook monsters there!

I'm leaning towards a one day road trip place so we don't lose valuable fishing time to the

Re: Where we going? by FiltrmanFiltrman, 30 Jan 2008 00:25

I spoke with Noel Thibault, proprietor at Club Trout Lake today…I will post more on their outfitter information tomorrow…

Also, I have gotten response back from Pavillion Richer… They will be emailing me detailed territory and camp maps tomorrow for review…

Domaine Shannon has yet to respond to either of the two emails I sent them….

Re: Where we going? by bartidgebartidge, 29 Jan 2008 06:04

I posted a new map HERE and also linked in the left menu that shows the location and exclusive territory(s) of tier 1 outfitters in lower eastern and central Quebec…

The Quebec Outfitters Map by bartidgebartidge, 29 Jan 2008 06:00

I am particularly interested in:


…unfortunately neither were at the sports show at the fair today…

However, both outfitters will be at the Harrisburg Show next week… 5 hours is a long drive to talk to a couple outfitters however… Harrisburg Show looks huge tho…

I also am interested in:

Re: Where we going? by bartidgebartidge, 28 Jan 2008 04:07

2008 Trip Shopping List: Add to the list, mark your name down on items, make posts on crap you think should be dropped… Have at it! Using This Forum: To edit the list below, simply click 'Options' in the lower right under your username then click 'Edit'… The edit screen will open and you can make your copy changes and 'Save Changes'…

Please put your initials after an item you plan to buy…

If you want to add a comment as a new post, simply click 'new post' at the bottom… then type your post and save….

Provision / Responsible

  • Foil 200' /
  • Toilet Paper (6 Roll) /
  • Plastic Wrap /
  • Ziploc Bags (60 bags) /
  • Garbage Bags /
  • Paper Towels /
  • De-odorizer/
  • Peanut Butter /
  • Jelly /
  • Pretzels /
  • Crackers /
  • Potato Chips /
  • Plastic Cups /
  • Paper Plates /
  • Gouda Cheese
  • Aged Cheddar Cheese /
  • Beef Stick
  • Flour /
  • Frying Oil (1 gal) /
  • Butter
  • Salt /
  • Pepper /
  • Ketchup /
  • Mustard /
  • Mayo /
  • Dill Relish /
  • Frank's RedHot /
  • Bread
  • Coffee /
  • Egg beaters
  • Lots of Skoal
  • 12 Pack Gatorade /
  • 6 Pack Cranberry Juice
  • Dish Soap /
  • Sponges /
  • Smoked Salmon /
  • Black Olives /
  • Lard
  • Fish Breading /
  • Kabobs /
  • Texas Toast
  • Frozen Veg
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • O.J.
  • Milk
  • Cereal /
  • Coney's
  • Buns
  • Dirty Rice & Meat /
  • Cream
  • No Stick Pam /
  • Oreos /
  • Choco Chip Cookies /
  • Donuts
  • 12 Pack Coke
  • Liter Cranberry Cocktail
  • 1 Case Bottled Water
  • 1 Jar Pickled Veggies
  • Cold Cuts/Cheese
  • Salt Potatoes
  • Portabello Mushys
  • Bloody Fixins /
  • Tums /
  • Case of Cran-Rasberry
  • Case of Lemonade
  • Case of Water
  • Shrimp for Barbie /
  • Bacon for Scallops /
  • Scallops /
  • Speras Flank Steaks /
  • Brocollini /
  • Speras Twice Baked /
  • Angus Sirloin Tip Steaks (5) /
  • Chicken Pad Thai Sidedish /

Deleted Items:

  • Case of Coke
  • Charcoal
  • Lighter Fluid
  • Gas Grill
  • Spare Propane Tanks
Shopping List by bartidgebartidge, 27 Jan 2008 00:36

Hark the call of the Loon.

It has captivated man for centuries.


Re: Where we going? by BIGREDMFBIGREDMF, 25 Jan 2008 11:53


Ideas, ideas, ideas… let's start with where to go….

This is a very good site to search for outfitters/lodges:

That link is for the 'Outouais' region with outfitters specializing in 'walleye' fishing (you'll see how the search works in the left of the screen.) Notice how, when you click on an outfitter link - the screen that opens up will tell you if they have exclusive rights and include a link on the right to show you there location on a map… kinda cool… the link to the outfitter website is there too..

Here's the same for the Abitibi-Temiscamingue region

Here's some more outfitters we should look at with exclusive rights and drive-in outpost camps in the area (Note: outfitters with asterisk* were at Northeast Sport Show and we spoke with them…):

  • Domaine Shannon
    • Checkout the Domaine Shannon Fishing Video:
    • Pros:
    • Exclusive, sizeable territory - 2 big water lakes - Lac Seguin (main lodge lake) and Lac Lenotre - 5 minute portage between each. Also, considerable smaller lakes in their northern territory that are easily driveable to…
    • Trophy catch and release pike lake in territory - $150 per day per group (guide required)
    • Not too far up north
    • Outpost camps available on both big lakes and some up north on smaller lakes. ALL outpost camps have running water (hot and cold and indoor bathrooms), propane stoves, fridges and lighting. Proprietor Sylvain Danis recommended a new camp they just built on the north end of Lac Seguin - (2) bedrooms, sleeps 6, 3 beds per bedroom.
    • Only 40km down clova road
    • 3-day Minimum stay (no day-trippers allowed)
    • Catch Sizes: Walleye can be kept in the 12-22" range (over 22" must be released) / pike over 24" must be released.
    • Cons:
    • Clova road
    • Costs:
    • Cabin: 7 nights / 8 days (boat included- motor extra) $425 (or $80/day minumum 3-days stay)
    • 9.9HP motor for week (gas extra) $210 (or $35 a for less days)
  • Club Wapus *
    • Pros:
    • Exclusive, sizeable territory
    • Not too far up north
    • Fishing looks halfway decent
    • Outpost camps available - some accessible by truck
    • Cons:
    • Spread out without a lot of interconnected, boatable water (fishing most outlying lakes means taking your motor, throwing it in the car and driving to an access point elsewhere.)
    • 65 KM of Clova Road
  • Domaine du Lac Bryson *
    • Pros:
    • Exclusive territory
    • 7 hours from Syracuse
    • Outpost camps available
    • Cons:
    • Exclusive territory is small - one main lake 6 miles long, one side lake w/ smaller walleyes and the rest are trout ponds and streams
    • Outpost camps reachable by boat only
    • A lot of focus in on their lake Trout fishing - walleye/pike fishing appears to be secondary…
  • Lac Achepabanca Outpost Camp *
    • Pros:
    • Kevin, the proprietor seem like a really cool guy…
    • Cons:
    • Territory not exclusive and relatively small
    • Must boat to cabins
    • Fishing pictures not all that inspiring
    • Definitely better places available if you are going to drive 10-12 hours from cuse
  • Pourvoirie Monet (Accessible by plane or train out of Senenterre only - trophy pike and walleye fishing) *
    • Pros:
    • Exclusive territory
    • Well-known specialist for trophy fishing for pike and walleye - we would likely catch a lot of fish and quite possibly some monsters…
    • Territory is highly managed with catch and release restrictions over certain sizes as well as 10 fish total per person harvested per trip (5) walleye; (5) pike
    • Guaranteed only fisherman on body of water for week
    • Cons:
    • Main camp only accessibly by plane or via rail out of Sennenterre
    • Exclusive territory is small water and segmented… trophy pike lakes to north only accessible by plane or amphibious 'Argos' vehicles (3 hour swamp trip)
    • Outpost camps are small and rustic - no running water
    • Guarantee of only fisherman means we would all be stuck on a 2-3 mile lake/river system all week
  • Club Trout Lake
    • Pros:
    • 169 square miles of exclusive rights with access and outpost cabins on 4 main lakes/river systems. The western-most lake, Lac Bay, seems to be a very good producer of quality pike and walleye based on my discussions with the outfitter.
    • Proprietor says the best pike and walleye fishing is just outside his exclusive territory on Lac du Vialliard in La Verendrye Parc (he has 2 outpost cabins on this lake.) This Lac appears to be decent size water with lots of topography to investigate. Parc fishing license is included with outfitter price
    • Neat winch/platform boat rail portages that let you easily push your boat over land between lakes (average portage 200 yards)
    • Outfitter does not accept day-trippers or any groups staying less than 3 days (limits fishing pressure from yahoos from Val 'd'Or and Belleterre - both of which are close by.)
    • Proprietor Noel Thibault seems like a very nice guy…
    • Outfitter claims to have spent a lot of money on fish stocking 10-15 years ago and has made the territory very productive
    • Cons:
    • Generally, the outpost camps at Club Trout Lake are only accessible by boat
    • Lac du Villiard in La Verendrye Parc does get some local traffic on weekends since it is not exclusive (bass boat mach 20 possibility…) Proprietor says we should see slim to no traffic on the lake during the week. Outpost camp is not driveable - a 5 mile boat ride from staging area on lake and sleeps 6-8. Proprietor says this is one of his most popular camps for pike and walleye and it has about a 70-80% rebook rate. It is currently available 6/21 - 6/27/08 this June. There is no running water or indoor toilets here. Propane stove, fridge and lighting.
    • Outpost camps on Lac Bay (while looking like some are accessible by road on outfitter map) are really not… Also, outfitter hinted that he usually will not put first-time visitors at these cabins and they are heavily used for the moose hunt (i.e. may give rustic a new meaning…)
    • Proprietor also recommended his 'West Bay' camp on the main lake - an outpost camp on the west left finger. This cabin sleeps 6-8 and has pump water but no indoor toilets as well as propane stove, fridge and lighting. West Bay camp is only open in June from 6/27-7/4/2008.

And the ones already mentioned:

Where we going? by bartidgebartidge, 24 Jan 2008 01:34

No we have a Gas Grill - New Grocery list has the Charcoal, Lighter Fluid and Gas grill taken care of


Re: Shopping List by JB StifterJB Stifter, 24 Aug 2007 18:49


Can someone advise on Camp 6 and the grill situation? We have charcoal on the list above but John (I think?) indicated camp 6 has a propane gas grill?

Is that true or am I imagining things? If so, we can prolly drop charcoal and lighter fluid from list, yes?


Charcoal & Grilling by bartidgebartidge, 22 Aug 2007 13:29
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