Lac Dumoine Trip June 2008 Images

by Chris Bartow


The trip back to Lac Dumoine took place from 6/14 - 6/19/2008.

It was a bit rainy with off an on rain most days and highs topping out in the mid 60's.

The Black Flies were the worst in recent memory… bug jacket required.

…Even so, we caught a good number of fish with the plaque going to Bobby Mariano - who hauled in a nice 27", 7-8 lb. blue wally-dog on the final day!

Eyes were biting during early afternoon on brown and orange bucktails with flash tipped with leech or worm… Didn't notice much difference in preference - worms and leeches both produced fish in equal amount IMO… Didn't try any gulps or frozen minnows… Green & White glow bucktails also yielded results particularly late afternoon and evening.

[What were you catching them on Johnny and Bobby?]

Not much of an early morning bite on Dumoine… which the outfitter admitted later in the week… which we found interesting. Most fish caught after 2:00 pm every day…

Few to no fish in the main lake yet… almost all fish we caught were caught off current rip points in the lake river fingers, at narrows or in large feeder stream/river bays.

Fish were still traversing back and forth between deeper water in the river fingers (17' - 25' feet) to shallows in the rivers to feed more aggressively (we caught aggressive fish in the narrows in 7-9 ft. of water) We also caught less aggressive fish in the 17 - 25 ft. depths off points in the fingers.

Marked some spots of heavily stacked fish in a thermoclyne at a few spots that wouldn't hit anything…. 22 - 32 ft.

On to the photos…

Lac Dumoine Big Water

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