2010 Lac Kikwissi Trip - Camp Coucoushee, Québec

In 2010, we will be fishing Lac Kikwissi with Camp Coucoushee Outfitters.

Timing: Late Summer trip this year - 9/12 - 9/17/2010

We have their 10-Man outpost cabin booked and we have 6 fisherman confirmed / 3 boats reserved so far.

Lac Kikwissi is a 10-mile long lake located just Northeast of the Northeastern edge of Lac Kipawa East of Temiscaming.

Camp Coucoushee Main Camp
Proprietor - Serge Gaudet
900 Old Fort Rd
Duhamel-Ouest, QC J9V 1N7
(819) 622-0391

The camp is run by Serge Gaudet, a second generation operator - his father started the outfitting operation on Lac Kikwissi in the 1950's.

Camp Coucoushee is the only outfitter on Lac Kikwissi and boasts a small footprint. The lake falls within the ZEC Kipawa controlled zone.

Getting There - We know the route… probably about an hour less than the drive to Lac Dumoine:

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The main camp is located at the northern end of the lake and is fully accessible via drive in from the Maniwaki Road. The main camp holds 3 cabins and there are three outpost cabins down the lake as well.

Chris and Johnny have both spoken with the outfitter, Serge. Chris also spoke with a repeat customer that has been to the camp numerous times. The repeat customer said the walleye fishing is very good and the lake typically sees less traffic than other lakes in the area due to the relatively small size of the outfitting operation and the fact they are the only outfitter on the lake (he compared the activity to other lakes he fished in the area - notably Sasseginaga, Ogascanan and Kipawa…) He said it is definitely a place to go if you are looking for more solitude on the lake and less boats to compete with.

The outfitter, Serge, was a nice fellow to chat with. Between Chris and Johnny's discussions with Serge, here's an overview:

Camp Use & Promotion:

  • Serge said that he doesn't do sport shows or promote his camp much - most all of his business is from repeat customers or from word-of-mouth from repeat customers. He doesn't have a brochure or photos other than what you see above. There are some past visitor trip photo albums available, however. Checkout on the following for numerous camp and fishing photos:
2003 Photo Album 2004 Photo Album
2003-Kikwissi-Album.jpg 2004-Kikwissi-Album.jpg


  • He said that his main camp cabins (especially in spring and fall) are usually holding hunters (bear in Spring/Moose in Fall) and that his fisherman visitors mainly use the 3 outpost camps. He also has an outpost camp on nearby 'Big Swampy Lake'. It is only accessible via floatplane or ATV. We did not talk to him in detail about this, but would assume it is some sort of trophy fishery.
  • Outpost cabins have running water in kitchen
  • Outpost cabins have propane lighting and stove/oven
  • Outpost cabins have propane grill, wood stove and 2 propane fridges
  • 2 of the three outpost cabins have hot showers
  • Outpost cabins are about 50' long - of the cabins with showers - one sleeps 8; one sleeps 10 (both hold 8 people comfortably)
  • The head at all outpost cabins is an outhouse
  • Electricity available - outpost cabins have hook-up if we want to bring a generator or rent one.
  • NO barge to bring stuff to outpost camps - we'd have to boat it ourselves.
  • Cabins are 7 -10 miles from main camp. Johnny suggests we get as close to the middle as possible.

Boats / Motors:

  • Fiber glass boats - same type we have seen several times before. He has 15' and 16' fiberglass flatbottom boats with 15HP Yahmaha motors.
  • Mounting Boat Seats? The boats do have the block platforms next to the motor that connect to the transom (so installing portable seats in back will not work.) If we want to go here, we may want to bring a stow-away seat for each back block platform like Mikey's old blue for each boat - as shown HERE.
  • Yamaha 15HP motors are 2-3 years old but Serge says they are "well maintained".

Lake & Fishing Details:

  • Lake is approx. 10 miles long.
  • Very rocky lake.
  • Lake is a reservoir with dam on one end that is being rebuilt this year and should hold the water level more consistent.
  • In 2008, the largest pike caught on Lac Kikwissi was 22 lbs. and the largest walleye was a whopping 16-pounder!
  • Best fishing is in the southern end of lake around islands and points near smaller bays per fisherman. Serge also said that fishing for walleye is good from Spring through the Fall and that the south end of the lake is particularly productive in mid-Summer through Fall.
  • Note: Bathymetric depth countour map is available for this lake.
  • The south end has a bevy of points, islands, narrows and underwater shoals that hold walleye in numbers. See maps below.

Lake Traffic:

  • Serge said that the maximum number of boats we might see on the lake at one time is usually about 12 (including our own). He says that up to 16 boats can be seen, but usually not during the hunting seasons or in the Fall.

2010 Costs:

* 5 night package is $565 Canadian and includes boat, motor and ZEC fee


* Tax
* Fishing Licences @ $41.50 Canadian
* Gas: Kept at each cabin and charged based usage/honor system


* $150 Canadian

One other thing to note… Lake Trout season ends on this year on Sept. 19. He said the Lake Trout typically spawn between late August and through September… Lake trout spawn in 30-40' feet of water on shoals and are aggressive feeders during this time and will hit all sorts of lures.


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Drive Map & Location from Temiscaming:
Medium Size Map of Lake and Surrounding Area:
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