Spring 2008 - Lac Dumoine Trip - Overview & Costs

6.14 - 6.20.2008

It's official - we went back to Lac Dumoine in the Kipawa / Temiscamingue region of Quebec for the 2008 trip with Eric Vaillancourt of Dumoine Lake Cottages / Kipawa Outfitters!


Yes, we were there in September 2007 - but hey, we weighed the pros and cons with various other outfitters and Eric and Lac Dumoine still seemed like a great option.

Some of the Pros:

  • We've fished the water and know there's A LOT of walleye - but never fished it in Spring, so this would be a new challenge. Plenty of opportunity for both river and open water lake fishing
  • Eric has exclusive rights and only 6 cottages on the lake - so # of competing fisherman should be LOW (plus very unlikely we'll see trailered-in bass boats flying around at mach 20!)
  • We got Cottage # 6 again - the mother of all cottages - log cabin that sleeps 15, big private dock and beach, (2) bathrooms each with shower and hot water, 2 fridges and huge front room and screened in porch! There are a lot of decrepit outpost cabins out there - this is definitely not one of them! (tho we'll need some mouse traps this year!)
  • Driving In: Unlike the sea plane fly-in we did last year, we're driving in this year out of Kipawa… a new adventure!
  • Outfitter Service: Eric did a great job pre-outfitting the cabin for us last year by pre-stocking it with a beer list we gave him - along with other provisions ready for us on our arrival!
  • Boats and motors are solid - Naden 14' footers with 10HP new yamahas.

Costs of Trip:
Not too bad this year as drive-in trip. Also nice that Eric includes unlimited gas, motor and fishing license in complete package price…

Price per person for 6 Days in Canadian Funds:

2008 Expense Days Subtotal Total
Lodging 6 - $753.00
License $37.00 included
Food (Euro plan estimated) $75.00 $75.00
Boat Gas (estimated) $35.00 included
Beer (estimated) $100.00 $100.00
Tax 12.5% included
Total 6 $928.00

Location and Exclusive Lake Territory - Click on Maps to Enlarge:

Exclusive_Lake_Map_Small.gif drive_small.jpg

Lac Dumoine Big Water

(Click on Map Image Below for Hi-Res PDF - May take a while to Load.)

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