2015 Fishing Trip - Club Kapitachuan Quebec
5.14 - 5.21.2015

2015 marked a return to outfitters, Kapitachuan Club, 134 km east of Senneterre, QC near Reservoir Gouin.

Kapitachuan is one big exclusive rights lease operator! They feature over 360 square kilometers of exclusive fishing rights with a base territory in the south encompassing walleye and pike fishing in the Megascaine, St. Cyr, Pascagama and Kekek rivers and a northern outpost territory on Lac Mesplet for lake trout, pike and walleye. A number of folks in our group have been going here for years and know the spawn spots. There's a lot of boating to get to spawn spots and you will be on mostly rivers. Anyone new to the area will want to get a guide for at least a couple days… and you'll want a GPS if you are going anywhere of distance by yourself (with so many rivers and interconnected lakes, it's easy to get lost this territory if you don't know the area and have no GPS.)

We arrived for opening week of walleye season. The walleye are typically in the narrows and rapids spawning and fishing is usually excellent. That was the case this year and we hit them hard (unlike our trip here in 2009 when the fish were spawned-out early and were in transition and more difficult to catch.) Other benefit of going opening week: No Bugs!

Weather was good. The first 4 days were stellar. No rain and temps in the 50's and 60's. On the 5th day a front blew through and it got colder. We actually got 2" of snow one night! The bite turned off quite a bit after the front, but such is life. We had already caught our limits and froze our fish for the ride. My Dad, Doug Sr., ran the food plan and it was outstanding eats, as usual.

Boats were the usual 16' Abitibi glass hulls and they had new 20HP commercial Mercs on them this year. There were a couple guys there for opening weekend that fished with Bobby the guide (with their own personal helicopters - it's good to be the king!)… but we were the only group there for the whole week. It was nice to have the rivers to ourselves.

We didn't get up to Lac Mesplet this time. It's a haul (over 40 miles by boat)… but we caught ample fish in the areas closer to camp in the Pasacagama, Megascaine and St.Cyr. We even went into Lac Ouiscatis and caught some fish in there. My old man, who runs the kapitachuan trips, said very few people fish in there. There was a whopper 52" northern taken from there recently and it's on the new camp brochure.

The trip was a success fishing-wise. Everyone caught their limits. We even had a few of those golden times where every cast yielded a fish. Largest walleye was 28-1/2" and largest Northern was 43". We got 4 Northerns in the 40"+ range (all caught and released). Slot limits on walleye are 15 - 22" for keepers (anything over 22" has to be released.)

Some Photos:

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